8 questions

I love these little questionnaires. I think they are a quick and fun way to learn a little more about people. Melissa from Duoly Noted tagged me in this so of course I am going to play along! Also, check out Melissa’s blog- great writer and very funny.

1. If you could have an unlimited shoe budget or purse budget which one would you pick?

Shoes probably. But only because I hate switching purses. Moving ALL my crap from one to the other and then getting frustrated when I realized I left something in the other purse. And if I had all those shoes, I would have to go clothes shopping to find cute outfits.

2. If you could change lives with one person for a day who would it be?

Reese Witherspoon or Michelle Obama. Reese because I think she’s precious and I would like to see how she works behind the scenes of her production company or how a movie is made. Michelle because I can’t wrap my head around what day to day life for the wife of a president would be like. (I’m reading American Wife but I haven’t gotten to where he’s president yet…) I mean, what if you want to go to a movie or go shopping? That would be unreal to live like that.

3. What is the one place you haven’t been that you want to visit before you die?

Australia. Hands down. It’s always been my number one place to go. Sydney Harbour. The Outback. Great Barrier Reef.

4. What is your most unrealistic fear?

Spiders or bugs of any kind. This fear has gotten completely out of hand as I’ve gotten older. When I see a bug in the apartment, I start sweating and my heart races. I can’t bring myself to get close enough to kill it. I try. Really hard. I know it’s completely illogical, but I cannot physically bring myself to get close to kill it. This results in either using an insane amount of far reaching bug spray (just to make sure it’s dead, duh.) or making the husband kill it. I prefer the latter.

5. If you could compete in one Olympic sport, which one would you pick?

Gymnastics. That is if I had any gymnastic talent. Or swimming. I could watch both sports endlessly.

6. What was the last book you read and did you like it?

Last book I finished was The Reader and I did like it. It wasn’t as sleazy as I was expecting and it wasn’t nearly as easy a read as most of the books I read. I loved the story line and I couldn’t put the book down. I’m currently reading American Wife and I’m still not. I like the story so far, but I’m halfway through, he’s not the president, or anywhere close to becoming so, and I feel it’s dragging some. But, I will finish and hope the rest makes it all worth it.

7. What song best describes how you are feeling this moment?

Faithfully” by Journey, but really I like the GLEE version better. I’m so blessed that this wonderful and great man loves me and I love him unconditionally in return, but there are days where we still have to work on us and it’s not a cakewalk, but I’m forever his…

8. Who is your rolemodel?

I can’t narrow it down to one person, but all the women who have strong, solid careers and also have amazing families. My dream goal is to be a college professor and to work hard, but to also have kids and a happy family that sits down to dinner together every night. The women that accomplish this, they are my role models.

Now, MY questions:

1. How would you describe your fashion style?

2. If you had to choose, what is the one food you could eat for the rest of your life?

3. If a movie was being made about your life, who would you want to play you?

4. What was your favorite childhood memory?

5. If you could move anywhere in the world (and not worry about other obligations), where would it be?

6. What is your favorite time of year?

7. Cats or dogs?

8. If you could change places with any person of the opposite sex, who would it be?

I am tagging the following bloggers:

Ashley of The Accidental Olympian

Beth of Doug and Beth in Oregon

Meredith at Tales Out of School

Sarah at Sarah in the Big City

Jamie at Jamie’s  J.D. (although I know law school studies may keep her occupied…)

Life of a Doctor’s Wife

Law School Ninja

(I tried to tag people that I haven’t seen this on their blogs already, but feel free to play along. I would love to read the answers to some of these!)



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3 responses to “8 questions

  1. Jamie

    Oh yay! Up and at it!

    (law school studies? What law school studies?)

  2. Yay! Thanks!! I am in need of something to post about and this is perfect.

    Love your answers! I too hate switching purses. So annoying!

  3. Great stuff! Jamie recommended your blog and I loved all your answers. Reese and Michelle – good choices!

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