The Perks of this Town

These past few weeks haven’t been the easiest ever for me. Moving to a new town where I didn’t know a single person, not being able to find a job so far, feelings of loneliness and boredom have quickly taken over, and I have caught myself wishing I wasn’t living here and wishing Mr. A wasn’t in law school so we would already be living in the city we’re planning to move to in 3 years.

But all of that is negative. And negativity isn’t going to help either of us get through these next 3 years successfully, happily, and together. Negativity will just make it harder for Mr. A to do what he needs to. He shouldn’t have to be worrying about me and my issues. I’m supposed to be supporting him and doing anything to get him through 1L.

So, I have to be positive. I have to find the good in this situation. Such as, due to being unemployed (or as I like to say, I’m in early retirement without the 401k or social security), I have been able to watch the ENTIRE series of The Office. That’s something, right? Also, our apartment has been more decorated than any other place I have ever lived. Mostly because I’m here all day and don’t want to look at blank white walls.

I have also been going to the gym a lot more and learning to cook has become a new hobby. Both are very beneficial. And going to the gym at noon is much less crowded, which means I am much less self-conscious and actually get more done at the gym.

Mr. A is probably thankful of my time to try out some new recipes so we aren’t always eating things from boxes or frozen meals. Last week, I made homemade (even the crust!!) cheesecake and it was DELICIOUS! Mr. A’s birthday is Friday, so I told him to pick a cupcake from the Cupcake Project and I will make it for his dessert for Friday.

I am also working on finding things about our new town, which I will call Ctown. It’s not too terribly difficult to find good things since the town we went to undergrad in was TINY and had NOTHING to do in it.

Here’s my list:

– Awesome, little hole-in-the-wall restaurants. They are usually cheap and have WONDERFUL food.

schnucks (Source)

– Schnucks grocery. ‘Nuff said

– Found a delicious Greek restaurant that is not only cheap, but it DELIVERS. Like, to my door. Which is perfect for nights like tonight when I don’t want to cook.

– Cable being as expensive as it is, I have found a way to live without it. And thanks to Netflix, I have seen some great movies that I otherwise never would have encountered. Indie films and documentaries are my new favorites.

– Public library. I love it enough that I wrote an entire post about it. Again, it’s free and being a reader, it’s great.

– Also, being home, I’ve taken a lot more pride in our little home and have been working to be neater and keep things clean a lot more than I ever have. I don’t let dishes pile up too high and I dust and vacuum once a week and make the bed everyday.

– This is more the people than the town, but the law students have proven most of my ideas about them wrong and I can see in some that we will be good friends and Mr. A has found some friends too. Ping pong league? Yes, please.

– Lake. On. Campus. (Beach, canoes, and paddle boats included)

– I’m 1.5 hours from my hometown. And my mom. So when I see a dress at Macy’s I want, and she has a $30 off coupon, she can drive down the next day and go shopping with me and then decide to buy the dress that I was planning on paying for.

– Dog parks. This will come in handy when we get a dog.

– Free on campus concerts (and for the concerts, you can bring alcohol..)

– A school with a REAL football team

– With said football team, comes a school not in a dry county, which means TAILGATING! I love the fall…

– Found a bar where we had a total of 8 drinks, only 3 were house alcohol, the rest premium and Mr. A’s were double pours. We left the place, with a tip, a whopping total of $27.00 WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!! No reason to go anywhere else in my opinion. And it means we can still have a social life on a limited budget

target_dog (Source)

– We have a Target. Joy.

– We have two malls within 15 minutes of each other. I went to undergrad in a town where there wasn’t a mall within an hours drive.

– Shawnee Wine Trail.

– Winery fall festival- 15 wineries with tastings, food, bands, and coupons to buy some wine…it’s what we’re doing for Mr. A’s birthday this weekend!

swimmer1.jpeg (Source)

– I can be on the elliptical and watch the university swim practice take place. And diving practice. Whoever thought of this while laying out the rec center, they are a genius! Definitely keeps your attention.

– This is a little bitter-sweet since I didn’t go to school here, but this is a REAL college town. At any given point, there are always people walking around, playing Frisbee golf, and lots of different events and activities.

-Another perk of not being in a dry county, stores that sell alcohol. So I can buy my wine and drink it in my happy little apartment.

– There is a martini bar here who does Monday Girls’ Nights- $20 and you get two drinks and a manicure. How cool is that? A couple of the girls in Mr. A’s law school group and I are going to go soon.

*****Please don’t think we drink all the time. We don’t. We’ve been out twice in a month and a half. But we do enjoy going out sometimes and this wine fall festival should be awesome.

– There’s a St. Louis Bread Company (known to non-STL folk, as Panera). I could drink iced green teas everyday.

schlafly (Source)

– They serve Schlafly everywhere.

– We can walk to all the events on/near campus because we live close enough. No parking nightmares for us.

– While we haven’t been able to experience them yet due to the super hot temperatures, we’re really close to several national parks with hiking and climbing (for Mr. A). Can’t wait for it to cool off so we can go and get out into the woods.

Basically, there is a lot to love about this town. There is a lot I have to be thankful for. We will not only survive the next 3 years, but we will be happy and have fun with it as well. I think we are on our way to making good friends and I’ll get a job eventually. This town isn’t so bad after all.




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3 responses to “The Perks of this Town

  1. You have such a good attitude! Sometimes just listing all the things you have to be grateful for can be a huge mood lifter!

    I used to love Schnucks. And my husband Looooooves Schlafly beer!

  2. I need to have one of those martini bars near here. Martinis and manicures? Sign me up!

  3. I moved to a new town and was unemployed so I feel you pain! I did become quite a good cook this year though, consider your time “off” as time to grow and pursue new hobbies.

    Also, I tagged you in an 8 questions over on my blog if you want to play along!

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