Humble Abode


I have pictures of the apartment to post. Mostly, my MIL came to visit Tuesday and take us out to dinner before law school started Wednesday, so we cleaned and I took the opportunity to take pictures that wouldn’t have bras in the background.

So, I’ll show some before and after photos. I’m pretty impressed with it, especially with our limited budget and small space. (Warning: Please ignore the floral pattern couch and loveseat. It was free and practically new and couch covers are super crazy expensive, at least what I’ve found. Oh well.)

Living Room

DSCN0642 Before- Looking from the main bedroom towards the front door.                                 

 DSCN0650 Before- looking toward the bedroom. Kitchen to the left.

DSCN0657 Dad and Mr. A working on setting up the electronics

DSCN0710 Living room with Mr. A’s feet. Looking to get a large wall clock for above tv

DSCN0713 We didn’t want the apt. to look like a dorm room, so we bought these canvas baskets to hold movies and the games for the Wii and XBox. See? No, you can’t and that’s the point.

DSCN0711 Our special wedding toasting glasses. They are etched faces. Love these.

Main Bedroom

DSCN0645 Main bedroom before. Closet is off to the right. We actually have pretty large closets in both bedrooms. We each have our own closet, which is good because I have a lot of stuff. Who would have thought?

DSCN0723 Ignore the giant bear. It was my Valentine’s present that was a joke. Mostly bc the husband never buys “traditional” gifts and I told him I wanted the massive bear. That was way too long of an explanation.

DSCN0724 Dresser and our awesome tv. We already had bought a really nice one, then my dad bought us one as a wedding present, so we have two. What better than a big tv in the bedroom?

DSCN0725 This is the room from the decorating help post. If you haven’t, let me know which fabric you think will look good in here, because I’m decorating inept.


**I think I forgot to take before pictures, but here is what it looks like now!**

DSCN0714 From living room into kitchen. I put these baker’s racks together all on my own. I’ll pause for gasps…..I really like how it turned out. Our dishes and all the appliances were new, so it looks nice sitting out.

DSCN0715 Our little table. And a few boxes to still be unpacked, just not sure where to put it all. Mostly, the husband’s water bottles he uses when cycling and running. He has a million.

DSCN0718 Obviously, the fridge. Looks like a home with all the miscellaneous stuff.

DSCN0717 Magnet I found and just had to have. I love me some wine.

DSCN0716 Where I am learning to cook. I’ll let you know how my homemade blueberry cheesecake turns out.

Bathroom- Again, no before. I think I was too excited the day we moved in to take pictures.

DSCN0653 I ADORE our tree shower curtain. I wanted something a little different. And all our towels are a pretty green, and so the tree kind of looks like it’s coming out of the grass.

DSCN0654 Vanity and over the toilet shelves.

DSCN0722 Sink. Duh.

DSCN0721 Funny story about this. 1. The husband and I love turtles. 2. I had seen this painting at ZGallerie (love that store!) several times and it was always a little out of budget. Then, we went and it was on sale, with an extra 20% off. SCORE! Then guess what happened? That SAME day, Nashville flooded, and the mall where we bought it? It flooded too. And this painting had been on the floor, so we saved the little turtle. It’s in our bathroom and I love it.


I keep making a distinction of bedrooms and saying one is a main bedroom. The other is really Mr. A’s office, and we hope to turn it into a spare bedroom. However, this is what is looks like right now:

DSCN0719 See all the bags and boxes we will have to go through and unpack? Poor husband only has the front wall as his “office”. But, because I put together the kitchen and most of the living room, the extra room is his project. My goal is for it to be more presentable by 2011. I’ll give him Christmas break to work on it. haha



So, that’s our little home. We like it. We need to do some more decorating. Anyone know where to find a cheap sofa table? We want to put it in the entryway and hang all our pictures on the wall above it. Need to do my headboard project. We have some more work, but I love the little home we have set up together.

We truly have a place together, that we both worked on and put our sweat into. It’s good.



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9 responses to “Humble Abode

  1. Looks great! Love your bathroom shower curtain!

  2. You’ve done a lot of work already! My suggestion for cheap furniture is Craigslist or yard sales or even Weekend’s Only. Those are my go-to places.

    Btw, love that shower curtain!

  3. Sarah

    Y’alls house is so cute! Have you looked at Ikea for a table?

  4. Notes from the Fatty File

    Congrats on the new pad! Do I spy an awesome red dutch oven in your kitchen? I heart my dutch oven! Mine is orange. So with regards to the headboard, I’d hesitate to make one just because I wouldn’t want to block the great natural light from the window. Could you move the bed 45 degrees to the right and have it up against the non-window wall? Or does it not fit that way? Another idea: If you want pops of color without investing the time/energy in DIYing a headboard, you could get squares/rectangles of fabric from Jo-ann’s, put them in a matted frame and hang them side-by-side or vertically on your walls. One of my friends did this in her dining room and it looks fantastic.

    • 1. Yes, it is a dutch oven. It was one of the things husband insisted we register for. However, we have yet to use it and I’m not sure what to cook in it?
      2. I like the small fabric pieces. That’s a good idea. I’m not as concerned about the window because it just looks at the back of the other apt. and the way our apt. is set up, we get the light from the living room window. However, if I make it much darker in there, I may never wake up on time…haha

      • Notes from the Fatty File

        I use our dutch oven for everything! Making spaghetti sauce, sauteeing onions, all the regular things I’d cook in a big, sturdy pot. It’s wonderful for chilis and stews and the like as everything cooks really evenly. Of course, the best feature is that it can go straight from the stovetop to your oven so it’s amazing for braised meats. I have gotten a lot of recipes from the Williams-Sonoma website. Go to their recipe section and type in “le creuset” or “dutch oven” and you’ll get some great ideas and even some instructional videos. I have made the Williams-Sonoma chicken with 40 cloves of garlic and chicken with saffron rice and both were suuuuper yum. The chicken just falls off the bone.

  5. I love your shower curtain!

    Also, I know just what you mean about the hand-me-down furniture. Our couch used to be in the family room at my step-sister’s lakehouse. It is not my taste at all (stripes AND plaid…shudder!), and it wasn’t her taste either (her husband chose it before they were married). It’s practically new and long enough for C to stretch out on (he’s 6’4), and even I’ll admit that it’s super comfy. We’ll be getting new furniture in the next year or so when we buy a house, but I have a feeling the couch might stick around (maybe in the “man cave”?)!

  6. It looks great!! It’s always so exciting to move to a new married home 🙂

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