****I’m done. I’m off my self-pitying soap box. I need to buck up.

When we got engaged and were talking about wedding stuff, we didn’t know how much, if any, of a honeymoon we would get to have. My parents were paying for the whole wedding and I knew they wouldn’t be paying for the honeymoon. His mom had a lot of other things going on and she couldn’t have afforded to pay for an entire honeymoon. His dad….well, that’s another story.

So, we were looking around at what could be possibilities. My uncle had a condo in Colorado Springs that he said we could use for free. We were pretty set on that. The problems were that we would have to drive because you have to be 25 (I believe) to rent a car and Colorado Springs is a place where you have to have a car to get around and go see the mountains. That means about a full day and a half of driving, just one direction. Also, we would still have to pay for all of our food and entertainment. It probably wouldn’t have saved us as much as we first thought.

The year before, I has been on a cruise and loved it. It was a short cruise, but a lot of fun and got to go t the bahamas and enjoy the sun and the sand. However, you still had to pay for all drinks and anything extra, which cost a pretty penny and we were only on the ship for 3 days.

While talking to my dad about all of this, he suggested we look at all-inclusive places. That idea had always been something that I thought we could never afford. However, with the two websites and, we found some truly amazing deals.

I mean, this is where we went for, what I consider for a week long, all inclusive vacation, a VERY good price!

The gorgeous beach at sunset

Well, the vacation bug has hit again.

I know we can’t go back to Mexico or to the Bahamas or Caribbean. We don’t need to be spending that money.

But how about a Christmas time, 3 day trip to Chicago? Or find a cabin in the Appalachian mountains and get away for a few days? We’d love to go to New Orleans, but not sure affordability/practicality to get there.

Chicago seems the most probable. We can take Amtrak, or maybe even fly because there is a small airport close to my home that does flights to Chicago in a lesser known airline. The train isn’t bad at all. There’s a food cart and even electrical plugs so that you can use your laptop and such.

We also really loved Chicago when we went. We loved walking up and down Michigan Avenue, shopping and people watching. We love Shedd Aquarium, and now they have dolphins and a beluga whale, which thrills me to no end. I feel this might be the most doable for a 3 or 4 day mini-vacation.

Now, here is where I need your help.

1. Law Students/Wive of Law Student/ People who know law students: Does the student actually get a Christmas break? Is it even feasible to plan a trip over that break or will my poor husband be studying the entire time?

2. What else to do in Chicago that won’t cost a ton of money? Any suggestions on hotels or areas to stay in?

Thank you for adding to my sad addiction. Hopefully we can actually make this little trip work!



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5 responses to “Vacay

  1. If he has finals after break (in January) he’d prob. be studying, but if it’s a normal semester, I would think you’d be able to take a vacation! The past 2 years I’ve finished around Dec. 16th and then completely and totally banned all school related things from my life until going back in January. Hope you find something fun to do!

  2. Yes, you will get a Christmas break for your law student. Vacation at that time is a VERY good idea. My husband was zonked and so glad to go to Disney for a bit for New Year’s. 🙂

    As for Chicago – would the Mega Bus be an option? That might be quicker and cheaper than the train.

    • I need to do a post about our MegaBus experience. I know lots of people that use it and love it, but our experience was TERRIBLE…like, a domestic fight broke out, and the bus was about 90 degrees in February…So I think well go with the train just to avoid that situation again.

  3. dougandbethinoregon

    OOOOO yes! We got to have vacation together. Doug ended up taking a seminar, but I was already back in school at that time. So we got to live my two weeks off to the fullest together. After we leave so-cal, sadly, that is what I will be holding onto as a point of sanity- CHRISTMAS BREAK. Don’t feel bad about whining. You sound like me. Lol. It’s a tough transition- growing pains…embrace it. 🙂

  4. In law school, breaks are breaks! It’s great! He’ll take his finals before the break and there won’t be ANY studying to do during the break. It’s really a great time to plan a trip. Go for it!

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