It’s 11:29pm on Thursday night. I’m sitting in my apartment, coffee in hand, My Best Friend’s Wedding on the television, and I feel I have a million things to say.

But as I sit here, nothing poignant or important, or even all that interesting is coming to mind.

I don’t necessarily want to get political because I have no idea what the views of my readers are and I would never want to alienate anyone. But at the same time, it’s my blog. shouldn’t I be able to say what I want? There are a couple of high profile, national debates going on, both of which I have been following and I am very opinionated about, but both are very polarizing. People tend to feel very strongly one way or another. It’s a love or hate. No in between. Which makes me sad.

Unfortunately, religion often skews these things. Now, I’ve never, at least as I can remember, offered my beliefs on this site. I have them. And just because there are certain aspects or ideals that I don’t understand or don’t like how people portray them, doesn’t mean I’m a satanist.

I just wish people could look at things a little more logically or objectively. You be a Christian and not ruin a soldier’s funeral because he was gay. Just a thought.

I’ve written entire posts about y views on a couple of issues, but as you can see, I haven’t posted them. I’m just afraid that if I do, I’m opening myself up for a shit storm that I’m not up for. I don’t want the comments bashing me or anything else.

Maybe I’m just an idealist. I love positive discussions about hot topic issues. I love being in a room with people who know what they’re talking about and listen to them discuss both sides of an issue. They come out more informed. And most shockingly? They are still friends. They still respect each other enough, that despite having varying view points on a controversial topic, they walk out shaking hands, still discussing, trying to understand more about the other side. To get as much information as they can. And maybe, just maybe, they will make a concession to what they originally thought.

I loved in high school, during my oral communications class, our project on debate. We partnered up. We picked a semi-controversial topic. We told our teacher who would be taking which side based on what our opinions were. Then he threw us a loop by saying we then had to argue for the opposite side. And our grade depended on how well we were able to argue the point, even if we strongly disagreed with it. It was fascinating. For every research paper I wrote in college, I would always make a concession to the opposing view. it gives more validation to your point that you are willing to admit that there is another side to it.

This went off on a tangent and quickly.

Probably stems from the fact that there isn’t anyone around for me debate with about topics. Not debate. Discuss.

So what do you do? Do you discuss politics? If so, how do you handle it? What will you do with your blog as the upcoming presidential campaigns loom in our future? Because I know, at that point, I probably won’t be able to keep my mouth shut.



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6 responses to “Politics

  1. I usually keep my mouth shut, because I was taught not to talk of religion and politics in polite company. However, I have blogged about my faith. So I guess I’m a hypocrite? I love reading other people’s opinion and the discussion that follows, as long as it’s done politely and with respect. Arguing can be a good thing!

  2. Blog it.

    If people don’t like you, then who cares. People who do agree with you, or respectfully disagree will stick around.

    I’ve blogged about healthcare, and if I’d had my blog on the day Obama was elected I would have blogged about that as well.

    I figure when it comes to my blog, same as with me, take it or leave it.

  3. I rarely discuss politics, but I feel like it’s primarily because I don’t have enough knowledge to discuss the topic intelligently. But I would. You can always delete the haters. But I think your regular readers would welcome some enlightening discussion.

  4. I blogged through the last presidential election and then deleted all of them because I got scared they would affect my job 😦 There was one blog that I followed a lot and then she started talking about a political topic that’s really controversial and I found her opinion honestly rather offensive. I respected the fact that she could blog about whatever she wanted, but I stopped reading her blog as a result. I think that’s something to consider whenever you blog about something too controversial. But that’s just my opinion! (and for the record 90% of my life revolves around political discussion- its so hard not to blog about it!!!)

  5. One of the taglines of my “about me” section is nerdy political scientist at heart. I’ve got a degree in political science and work in politics. And I (almost) NEVER blog about it. And if I do it’s more theoretical than controversial. I hate “hot topic” conversations. A part of me is happy that people have them because it means, maybe, citizens are feeling invested in the process. But the larger part of me wants to put my fingers in my ears because most of the time it seems people are all hot under the collar, but don’t actually know much about how our government works or the actual details of what they’re upset about. I can’t have those conversations. I don’t have the patience.

    (I realize this sounds completely arrogant and ridiculous. I’m not, I promise. It’s just like my friend who played semi-pro baseball can’t even watch a game with me because I have no idea what’s going on and his limit for explaining (and still be able to enjoy it) is low. Does that make sense?)

    I say, if you’re willing to handle the consequences, go ahead and blog about politics. If people disagree they disagree, but if they do it thoughtfully and you’re open to compromise with them, it should work out.

  6. I appreciate the comments everyone! I think I will probably steer away from posts about stuff going on. I feel I am a little more researched than some people that go off about things, but probably not fully enought o not make myself look dumb. haha. You will probably find out who I will vote for int he election, but that’s mostly because that’s all anyone will be talking about at that point.

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