“I DO!”

We were stashed in the back. Mark, the owner of the gallery and wedding organizer, was a nazi about letting anyone see us. I had to sneak my friends back. Even though I didn’t have bridesmaids, I do have some wonderful girl friends and I wanted to see them. Chill out Mark.

(I can’t say much bad about him. He was wonderful. His staff was very professional and made the even fantastic. They loaded things and did extra to help out. TRULY great venue and people to work with.)

I was antsy, but not in a bad way. I just wanted this to get started. I was peeking as guests arrived. I’ve never been one to keep surprises well.

(All pictures from http://www.kellymannophotography.com/)

Me and some of my favorite girls

The Moms lighting the unity candles

Coming down the stairs. I was the only one to walk down these, so the guests were expecting me from another direction. A little wow factor, I guess.

We didn’t have a videographer or anything, but I wish we would have had one for one part int he ceremony. During the entire time the judge was talking to Mr. A and we were supposed to be listening intently and thinking about the importance of this ceremony and the marriage ahead, I was not. All I could think about was how I was going to say, “I Do.” That’s it. I have absolutely no recollection of what the judge said to Mr. A, how he said it, or what the judge said to me. No clue.

I kept thinking that I needed to say it loud enough for people to hear, without shouting, and with enthusiasm, but not dumb. I succeeded int he first, failed in the latter. I said, “I DO!” with all the energy of a rabid rabbit. It was loud and sounded so goofy. Everyone laughed and I got a little bit of the giggles going. I was embarrassed, but it was a cute moment and went along with the whole day as people kept telling me how happy, excited, and calm I looked and acted. I was marrying my best friend in the whole world. Why not be a little over-enthusiastic?

And we're married, folks!

About the cake....

HA! So. Cake cutting. Seems simple enough, right?

Wrong. Very very wrong. They should teach classes on this important step. I mean, all eyes are on you and cameras are flashing. you should be prepared.

Our cake had a ribbon around each layer. Our bakers didn’t leave a spot to pull the ribbon back, at least from what we saw, and you can’t really cut through ribbon with a cake cutter.  So, my mom gave me some instructions on how to do this. For some ridiculous reason, I thought I should cut first and feed Mr. A first.

Mr. A used to work at a bakery and considered going to culinary school. So logically, he should go first. This slipped my mind.

I had a heck of a time getting that first piece out. Everyone was watching and laughing, I turned about 12 shades of red and kept saying, “This is what Mom told me to do!” We finally got it out, but this picture shows how embarrassed I am and the husband enjoying the moment, not helping at all. Go figure.

The toasts were wonderful. Heartfelt, funny, and touching.


Best. Band. Ever.

And I’m not just saying that because she was at our wedding. Her name is Kim Massie and she is truly fantastic. She is NOT a wedding band. We were her first wedding, actually. You can find her on YouTube. She’s got an amazing voice. She’ll sing Aretha Franklin then switch to Led Zepplin and it all sounds amazing. She’s funny and got the crown involved. LOVED her. So grateful of whatever strings my dad pulled to get her.

And we ran away to Mexico...

Well, not quite that dramatically, but you get the idea.

The wedding was perfect in every way and I would relive it as often as I could, if it were possible.

My advice: Marry your best friend. And never look back.



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3 responses to ““I DO!”

  1. fattyfile

    Beautiful! I love that last photo of you running away! And that is hillarious about the cake cutting. We also had a ribbon around each layer of our cake tiers and I had no idea what I was doing. I was also completely punch-drunk happy and loopy that I didn’t take the cake off the knife and waved it around like a maniac for my husband to have a taste.

  2. Sarah

    1. You and your husband are too stinking cute.
    2. I love the picture of everyone from above.
    3. What a beautiful wedding!

  3. I love that you came down the stairs! How dramatic!

    And Kim Massie is AMAZING. I bet that was the best reception with her singing! 🙂

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