Such a Grownup

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Never in a million years did I think I would be so excited about this.

We entered into this apartment game a little late, and it was getting VERY nerve-wracking. We went to look at apartment Meth house first yesterday. We had an appointment, the price was right, the online pictures looked great. Man, am I glad we went to see it before committing. It was a drug dealer’s dream home. Holes punched in doors and walls, no fridge (no clue where that went), drawers missing in the kitchen, stove looked like it was ready to explode, some of the grosses kitchen and bathroom floors that I have ever seen, light fixtures looked like they may set the entire place on fire while you slept. You get the picture?

So, we called around. We visited SuperTownhome apartments. We liked them. It was a two bedroom townhome. Huge living room, large kitchen, washer and dryer in the apt, BIG bedrooms and nice bathroom. It also had a fenced in back patio that was nice.  Truthfully, I fell in love with it, but it was about $150/month more than we were intending on spending. Also, we couldn’t get in until August 5th, and we were wanting to move much sooner than that. However, after all the crap holes we looked at, I thought, “Hey, we will just take out a little more student loans and not live in squalor.” We thought we would probably go ahead and do it, but we figured that we had driven 2 hours, so might as well call a couple other places while in town.

So we called Very Nice Lady Realty*. She showed us an apartment and we really liked it. It was available right away and more in our budget, especially since I am still looking for a job. (Oh, economy. How I hate thee.) It’s a one level apartment, but with two bedrooms. Obviously not as much space as the townhome, but it wasn’t a teeny-tiny closet either. Nice and clean bathroom, nice sized bedrooms, nice living room and super plush carpet. No washer/dryer int he apartment, but they have an on-site laundry area that is key entry only, so it won’t be random people off the street. A lot of law students and med students live in the complex, so not a bunch of freshmen in college who just learned what a beer bong is.

It’s not the biggest and greatest place on the planet, but it is nice and clean and in a great area. It’s very close to school, so Mr. A won’t have far to go. We also won’t be embarrassed to have our friends over, which is nice. We will be on the first floor (only two floors anyways) and we’re on the end, so only one side of us has other people.

We sent in the paperwork this morning. And by lunch we had a phone call that everything was approved and it was ours!!!

This will be our first apartment. The current place is really Mr. A’s apartment and I have stuff stashed here and there. I can’t wait to decorate and get moved in. Can you tell I’m excited? I was afraid we’d be living in the car or at a hotel.

Thought I would post some of the pictures from their website. I think we are trying to move next week, so I will post plenty of pictures after we get settled in!!

It looks smaller in the picture, but both bedrooms have large closets, so we should have plenty of room

A little small, but the shower is nice and it's clean!

Front door/living room from the entrance to the kitchen. It also goes farther to the left The kitchen area. There is also another little area for a kitchen table and chairs.

I can’t wait to move and set up our little home. So very happy.



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7 responses to “Such a Grownup

  1. Congratulations!!!!! That is awesome! Please post pictures of what it looks like when you’re all moved in.

  2. Sarah

    Yay, congratulations! I can’t wait to see pics after y’all are all settled in! Decorating can be so much fun! 🙂

  3. Congrats!!! First places are so much fun!

    I think it was so smart of you guys to go with something more in your price range, even though a pricier place caught your eyes. I keep hearing the saying “Live like a lawyer in law school, live like a student as a lawyer.” Or something similar, I think I butchered it. Basically it just means that if you keep your costs and debt down during school, you’re setting yourself up for a better financial future. So yeah. Good job 🙂

  4. @lsw: we thought the same, especially since a lot is still up in the air. we also discussed that maybe next year, once money is more stable and he gets a summer job and is then allowed to work some during the school year (hallelujah) and we decide we want more space, then we will go back to that company and maybe move.

    @Sarah: I can’t wait to decorate. Our couches are hand me down, but we’re going to get covers for them. Ideas are already racing through my head. I’m sure I’ll be asking advice since i’ve never decorated a place before. haha

  5. Gotta love the excitement of getting a new place. And the first one that is just “yours”? Priceless!

    Decorating will be a blast, too. 🙂

  6. Congrats!! Very exciting. I have very fond memories of the shack we lived in when we first got married 🙂

  7. Notes from the Fatty File

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Congrats on your new pad; so glad you didn’t have to settle for the meth lab house! I am also super jealous of your two bedrooms. What will you do with the second room? Office? Guest room? Storage? I fantastize about having a second bedroom all the time.

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