A little blogging proposition

No idea if this is a good idea or not. I trust many of you and your judgement, so I’m doing it anyway. (No I have not forgotten about wedding blogging and pictures. I am just so stressed right now that I don’t have the patience to do all the pictures and such. Maybe after Wednesday if we get good news. I’ll keep ya updated for those fo you who care.)

So. Number 1. I have seen on Twitter and blogs that many of the people I follow are trying to diet/work out more/ eat better. I, too am in this group. I have a wonderful husband who tries to help, but his addiction to cycling and running lets him eat anything he wants…right in front of me…and then expectes me to eat a salad. HA.

Yeah, I need to develop more will-power. What else is new?

But, I thought if I wasn’t the only one, maybe we could find a way just to encourage each other. No. I do NOT want to turn my blog into a healthy eating/workout blog. I would probably quit blogging asap if that’s all I wrote about. However, if there was a way that once a week, or an e-mail group/listserv thing, and we could send healthy, but delicious, recipes, low calorie things, workout tips/advice, etc. I know some of you run marathons, and hats off to you, and maybe you could offer some advice to me those of us that might need some direction. Could be totally lame, but thought I would throw it out there. (feel free to throw it right back…)

Number 2. A lot of you blog about the books you have read/are reading/want to read and I love it. As an English major, I love to read, but sometimes I get caught in a genre-rut and need some direction or leads on books. I got a great book suggestion from Life of a Doctor’s Wife. It is called Little Bee. I haven’t finished it yet due to life interferring, but it is so good so far.

Over at Duoly Noted, she has a bunch of book suggestions, and I think I am going to take her up on her latest one, Hunger Games.

Where am I going with this?

Again, throw it back if it’s silly, but could there be such a thing as a blog book club? Read the same one, discuss. Maybe that’s completly LAME, but it came across my mind.

I would love any input, otherwise, I hope you all have a great next couple of days. Wednesday/Thursday I should have some news. We shall see….



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7 responses to “A little blogging proposition

  1. Yes and Yes!

    First, you must read Hunger Games and tell me what you think. I hope they live up to all the hype I have been spewing about them but I really loved them.

    Second, I would be very interested in a blog book club! I have been wanting to join a book club forever and think that sounds like a great idea!

    I wish I could help you out with the low cal recipes…but healthy eating has never been my forte.

  2. I would totally do a fitness group with you – that sounds awesome! I desperately need some help. (My husband and I are notoriously bad about encouraging each other to lose weight…)

    As for the book club thing, there’s an online book club called The Book Lushes that you could try: http://booklushes.ning.com/

    Or if you aren’t already, you could join GoodReads (http://www.goodreads.com/) which Melissa and I both belong to. It’s a great way to share books and reviews.

    I hope your news is good news!

  3. I’m also on Goodreads!

    I don’t know how much I want to talk about my new “diet” online (not really being a diet at all, since I’m only cutting out the bad stuff, sweets, junk, alcohol), because I am afraid I would get criticized (speaking from experience) (I may be thin but if your pants don’t zip, your pants don’t zip!). BUT, I would love to post healthy recipes! I have been meaning to for a while, actually. How about a M-F thing? One of us post on Monday and then direct people to where the next day’s posts will be, and then Tuesday other person post a recipe and then link to the previous and next person?

  4. I like that idea…i am not on goodreads yet, but looks like i will be joining soon…and some of the others i read aren’t needing to lose a significant amount of weight…just get into better shape, but I do understand why you wouldn’t want to talk about it.

    I like the linking to others and recipes and such. We may have to figure out how to do this, logistically, soon. Now the wheels are turning in my head…hmmm

  5. Sarah

    I love both of these ideas! I’m always looking for healthy food recipes and motivation to exercise. And a book club sounds like fun–I definitely need to get on goodreads!

  6. Not sure if you saw this yet, but I have a page on my site where I list the books I’ve read this year,


    And of course there is always goodreads. Just make sure NOT to send the request out to everyone you know…

  7. That’s a slick answer to a chnlgenliag question

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