The real world has hit, and has hit hard. We couldn’t even make it through our honeymoon without it sticking it’s spiteful little head into the door of our little paradise.

I know I’ve talked about it before, but now that I’m on the other side of the wedding, I think I am more stressed out than before. Not only have we gone back to zero, we can’t seem to catch a break for anything. I don’t want pity and I’m not trying to whine, but life has crept back up and reminded us that the wedding and honeymoon are over and now we have to deal with everything we left behind.

The largest of this being my lack of a job. I’m feeling rather helpless and worthless. I try to keep reminding myself that I am going into the education field at a time, when in my geographic area, education has been hit very very hard. In my home state, there is not one job south of Chicago, at least not on the major education job search site. I looked at 20+ schools that are withing 1.5 hours of where Mr. A will be attending law school, and nothing. Most schools, didn’t have a single job posting. I saw one chemistry teacher and a couple superintendent jobs. That’s it. I guess I knew all of this, but it’s just hard to come to terms with. My parents wouldn’t let me get a degree in business,  organizational communications, or PR because I “couldn’t find a job”. I wanted to teach and that’s a field that you “can always get a job in”.

Then why is it that ALL of my friends who have degrees in those majors have jobs? All of them.

The school I student taught at has a position opening. I would be driving a little over an hour one way to a from where we will be moving, but that’s not much more than I commuted this past semester. But I haven’t even been called yet for an interview. The teacher I worked under and the principal have told me that they would love for me to work there, but still no call. I applied for another job, but was informed they they hired internally. I found out they KNEW they were going to hire internally, but posted the job and never interviewed a single person that applied and just hired who they were going to. I know if you’re already in the school, it’s just about guaranteed that you will get it, but it’s frustrating. So now I wonder if this other school I applied for will be the same situation.

Mr. A’s best friend’s dad owns a large business and it randomly came up that he needed a receptionist/clerical person, so the friend brought up my name. I’m still waiting to hear more about it. I feel like I can’t turn it down because I don’t have any other options. No, I don’t want to be a receptionist or work in an office my whole life. It’s not what I want to do, but I feel like I don’t have a choice right now.

The other issue hanging over our heads is our lack of a place to live, which falls back to where I will work. If I get this job with the friend’s dad, then we will live in one place and both commute some. If I get this other teaching job, we will live in the town of the university and just I will commute.

We went up to look at apartments last week and it was just disheartening. You can pay $1,200 a month for an apartment the size of most people’s bedrooms in a house, or you can pay more reasonable prices, but be assured that everything you own will be stolen when you leave. Take your pick.

And then there’s the issue of Mr. A’s unreliable vehicle. It tried to explode on me when I was going to my friend’s bridal shower and he had to come rescue me. I know others live with one car, but it really wouldn’t work unless I just find a job in the same city as the school, which could be a real possibility. I’ve decided I will give it until about the beginning of July and then I’m throwing in the towel. I’ll apply at banks and other “more respectable” jobs that I can work full-time. I have a couple years of banking experience, so I’m hoping I can find a banking job.

At the A household, we sure are getting thrown into the world of life after college pretty quickly.

I’ll get back to the wedding updates soon. I just had to get some of this off of my chest. I am thankful for what we have and we will make it work. I know we will.



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10 responses to “Floating

  1. Sounds like a lot of stress. 😦 So sorry you are going through all this. Job hunting and moving are tough on their own – I know it’s extra stressful to do both at once.

    I know you don’t want to be a receptionist, but it sounds like a great opportunity for you while you hold out for a teaching position! I know you didn’t ask for advice, but have you considered doing freelance tutoring? I had a friend in grad school who helped kids study for their SATs, and she made a nice little income on the side.

    Hang in there, dearie. Things will get better.

  2. Just wanted to chime in with another “Hang in there!”

    Also, a thought: On our state teaching website, certified and classified jobs are kept in different sections. I submitted my info to both pools when I started to get frustrated with the teaching prospects. In my area, there were actually more “school receptionist” and “teaching assistant” job openings than there were certified openings. Obviously a classified position wouldn’t be ideal, but it’s a way to get your foot in the door closer to where you want to live.

    And as far as dealing with stress: It always helps me to think of the worst case scenario and then plan what my next steps would be. Would your worst case scenario be signing a lease close to Mr. A’s school and then not being able to find a permanent position? What would you do if that happened? Sub in the local systems while you look for a “respectable” position? If so, maybe you should go ahead and get your name on the sub list…

    Take a deep breath. It WILL all work out.

  3. Sarah

    Job hunting is, in every way, not fun and WAY stressful. Hang in there and everything will work out. My parents always tell me that one day, you’ll look back at this part of your life and be glad you went through this. Sometimes you have to take a job you don’t want in order to find one that’s perfect. :o)

  4. Sarah

    Job hunting is, in every way, not fun and WAY stressful. Hang in there and everything will work out. My parents always tell me that one day, you’ll look back at this part of your life and be glad you went through this. Sometimes you have to take a job you don’t want in order to find one that’s perfect. 🙂

  5. Thank you for the support and kind words and advice. I have spent today searching for/applying for banking jobs since I have 2 years experience and I actually enjoyed being a teller. If those don’t work, then I will start to get creative.
    @Meredith- I thought about the subbing idea, btu after I finished my long-term position this past year and went to just beign a regular sub, it wasn’t consistent enough, especially since I will now be supporting both of us due to law school (Yikes!)

    • Right. That was just an example of one way to prepare for the worst-case scenario. (I don’t even know if that would be your WCS.)

      Kind of personal, but are you searching specifically for something that will have benefits? That changes things, too. If you are, a receptionist type job might be your best bet…especially if the one you mentioned is available. Otherwise, I’d do anything I could to work in some sort of teaching capacity whether it’s tutoring or even working at a daycare! Anything to keep what I’ve learned fresh on my mind…

      The hardest part is weighing what you want to do against what you have to do, isn’t it? But you’ll figure it out. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

  6. We were in so much of the same situation after we got married! We moved for my husband’s job and then I couldn’t find a job. Money is tight and everything seems to go bad when that happens…the best advice I can give is just keep doing your best and soon there will be a light at the end of the tunnel!

  7. Alright my dear, no shoe fits the same way, so take what I say however you want to.

    1- Do not let this economy shake your confidence. It is a tough time. Obviously I am on the west coast, so I see a different beast. I wish I could help you out there.
    2-On your mentor teacher and principal wanting you to work there but no word yet….. don’t lose too much heart. Remember school districts move SLOW. Don’t be shocked if you do not hear anything well into July.
    3-I had to work as a Special Ed assistant up here in Oregon before I was offered my teaching job in October. I too am the sole income and we NEEDED insurance. Doug split open his chin playing IM football when we did not have insurance. We dropped 1K on stitches!!! If nothing opens up, keep your eye on the October cycle. It’s REALLY strange… but for some reason school districts receive money in October. My VERY first teaching job I was offered I got it in October. This job I currently hold I got in October. Hop on every opportunity you can get…. and as I tell my friends who are currently applying- GO FOR BLOOD. Walk in with confidence. ANYWAYS… I know I’m far away, but if you EVER need a pep talk, I’m here girl. I know this nasty beast and DO NOT take the system being screwed up and moving slow personally. Just keep on keeping on.

  8. Well, I definitely want to encourage you to keep your chin up. I’m coming to terms that this is how life is. I keep waiting for the stressful things to lighten up, because like you, I feel like it’s just one thing after another. We get a new medical bill from my husband’s health incident literally every single day. Most are reasonable, $150 or less, but one, even after insurance payment, is $1,000. OUCH.

    Anyway. My point is. I’m learning to let go. To not sweat the small stuff. This is part of life, don’t let yourself get too upset. Things WILL get better. You WILL get a job. You WILL get through this.

    One last thought, about your friends in PR and other industries with jobs, the grass is always greener! I’m in PR and consider myself one of the lucky ones who found a job. I have LOTS of classmates still unemployed more than a year after graduation. So, don’t beat yourself up about your major!

  9. Thank you to everyone for the advice and support. I really need it and will continue to need it, especially in the upcoming weeks. You are all the best.

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