Pre-wedding schtuff…

Life is being stubborn and apparently does not want to give me any time to blog about this sill little wedding. I work at a summer program and today we had a field trip to the water park. I usually only work mornings, but they needed people, so I went to the field trip as well. I ended up working a 10 hour day. I know many of you do this EVERY day (and more power to you and I think your commitment is honorable), but running around a water park all day, in heat advisory weather, is very tiring. So, at 8:35, all I want to do is go to bed since I’ve been up since 5:30, but I am forcing myself to stay up and stay in touch with all of you who are quickly becoming friends.

So….I’ve decided to break this up. If I tried to write one post…no one would ever finish it because I will probably want to relive every detail via the blog since I can’t really relive it. So a few little chunks to make it more manageable. I’ll throw in the day to day stuff as well.

I have also decided that I think I am going to show my face, but still keep the names out of it. That way, our names won’t be showing up anywhere…and, obviously, any pictures that I think might be taken as questionable…won’t be up. I think I knew this would happen once wedding pictures came out…oh well. (I just hope I don’t get any mean criticism…hah)

On to the pre -wedding stuff. I know I posted a couple pictures from the showers and bachelorette party. I’m pretty sure those have been covered, so I guess next would be rehearsal dinner. I wore this dress, in this color actually:

I loved the jewel blue color. And, a good problem to have I suppose, the dress was actually too big when I went to wear it that night. I really like it, so I’ll have it altered, but I was so annoyed when I tried it on and it was baggy…my mom told me to deal. Isn’t she sweet?

This is where we had dinner and rehearsal since we couldn’t get into our actual space until the day of the wedding:

Kind of a wonky aerial view, but you kind of get the idea. It had this neat old bar that was from prohibition with the big window behind it. They decorated all the tables and after dinner and all the teary-eyed speeches, we set up a little aisle to do our run through. The food was EXCELLENT and everyone had a great time.

Hello! Me at rehearsal dinner....all smiles!

I know I mentioned that my bridal party was not traditional at all. My brother was my “Man of Honor” and my best friend since 5th grade was my “Bride’s man”. It was wonderful. My best friend, A’s dad was the judge that officiated the wedding, so it was a whole family thing. A’s mom was a riot. She brought her big, professional looking camera, and took, literally, hundreds of pictures. She would walk up to everyone in the room, not knowing most of them, and get people to pose for pictures. She took a ton of candids and just captured everything. We appreciated it so much because all of us involved, such as myself and parents, we were too busy talking and being excited to think about pictures. She did this at the wedding also,  so it has been fun to have so many pictures to look at before all of the professional ones come in.

Just another shot from inside the restaurant.

So delicious

I know fried chicken doesn’t sound classy or something you would have at a rehearsal dinner, but once you tasted this stuff…you would understand. And the peach glazed pork chops? Heaven melting in your mouth. I might be drooling as we speak.

Lots of wine and other libations were consumed. It was wonderful. This pictures says it all….

Male bonding at the bar. Nothing else more natural.

My dad and Best Friend A….the comments are endless.

Tears were shed as my parents gave some pretty sentimental speeches. Mr. A was annoyed that I wrote 4 pages for my speech when we had just found out that we had to give a speech the day of. This translated into him speaking for about 45 seconds and I spoke for about 6 minutes. Yes, I ramble in real life too.

I headed to bed early, and woke my happy self up at 7am to start getting ready.

My mom kept asking me all these questions about how I felt and everything. At 7am, all I could feel was that it was too early for me to be up and people expecting a whole lot of excitement from me. I said, “It feels like prom right now. Lots of anticipation, but not a lot happening yet, so not sure it’s even real yet.” I kept thinking it wasn’t real or that it wasn’t really happening to me. It was all sort of surreal.

Nothing felt concrete until I got my hair done. When I saw my hair with the veil in it, I knew.

Me and my wedding day hairstylist

We headed to the gallery to start getting into the dress, but we were ahead of schedule. Does that happen to any other bride but me, because all I kept hearing about were brides showing up to their weddings an hour late. If I had been even 10 minutes late, I would very possibly had to have been committed because I would lose it. To waste time, I ran around like a 5 year old in a candy store because I had never seen our dinner space set up exactly as it was going to be and took some fun pictures…

I must have thought I was cool or something. Excitement does weird things...

This had all the table seatings, guest book, and where gifts were put. Had to crop out Mr. A, but the picture was taken about a week after we started dating, and to this day, is still our favorite of the two of us. I’m hoping some wedding pictures will top it.

It was finally time to put on the dress.

Mom hiding the laces to the back of my dress.

Funny story. I have a very nervous stomach. Any level of excitement/anxiety/nervousness and my stomach goes haywire. My brilliant mother, knowing this condition and my fear of this acting up after I was in my dress but also knowing I would need to eat, packed the best food possible. A plain ham sandwich, and by plain I mean two pieces of bread and a piece of ham, bottles of water, and some multi-grain Pringles. We had to get a picture of me eating in my dress before pictures. I sure do love food…ha!

And then I saw Mr. A….



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5 responses to “Pre-wedding schtuff…

  1. Sarah

    1. I love the dress you wore to the rehearsal. Such a pretty color.
    2. What a beautiful wedding dress.
    3. Love the pics. Can’t wait to see more!

  2. Mrs. D

    You are too cute!! Love the photos and the story of your special day!

  3. So beautiful!! I especially adore that blue dress you wore for the rehearsal.

  4. So, so, so pretty!!

    I still need to email you. I’ve been slacking!

  5. I also meant to say that my stomach does decently well, but I always have this horrible urge to pee when I get nervous! It doesn’t matter if I *JUST* went, as soon as I’m about to get on a roller coaster, or walk down the aisle, or go to the GYN, I have to pee SO bad. And as soon as it’s over? Nothing!

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