Picture Tease

I know I said I would wedding/honeymoon blog Friday. Well, we went to our future hometown to go apartment shopping, which was more frustrating than anything, so no blogging. Yesterday I had a bridal shower to go to for the girl whose wedding I will be in, in July and the car died on me and Husband had to track down a truck and a trailer, drive 50 minutes to save me, and then haul the POS car home. Today…I just have no energy. Laundry and unpacking have done me in.

But, I will leave you with a few pictures and I promise to start blogging all of this tomorrow, including how much I hate apartment shopping. Also, probably going to have to have a serious conversation with myself as to whether or not I show pictures that show my face. I will probably give in, but I know the husband doesn’t want to be shown. He’s more private than I am.

Mr. A approves this photo

Speaking of private, here he is. He approved this one because you can’t see his face. I figured he’s going to have to make an appearance on this blog at some point, but we will start small.

Bar shot at rehearsal dinner

View from our balcony in Mexico

Lobby at our resort

Mayan ruins

The gorgeous beach at sunset

Upstairs at the gallery, where we had dinner. (Kelly Manno Photography)

Little snippets from the wedding. Love the one with both of our moms on the bottom. (Kelly Manno Photography)

Tomorrow’s to do list:

-more laundry (blah)

-finish unpacking ( might hate this more than laundry)

-online apartment research

-blog about this wedding stuff…I think I keep hesitating because once I blog about it all, it’s over. I would relive every moment of our wedding…it was perfect!

Goodnight everyone!

New Teacher. New Wife.



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7 responses to “Picture Tease

  1. THE PICTURES ARE GREEATTT!!! Glad we didn’t have to wait until Friday to get a preview. πŸ™‚ Welcome back WIFEY!!!!

  2. You looked radiant and your wedding and honeymoon look amazing. Can’t wait to see more!

  3. It looks amazing! I know you live in the same city as me, so I’m trying to figure out where you had your reception! It looks so neat. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  4. Randall Gallery….right downtown

  5. Love the teaser photos!!! You look so lovely!

  6. Beautiful!! Your reception is GORGEOUS! And I’d kill to go on a second honeymoon right about now!

    I struggled forever with how to do pictures on my blog. Feel free to bounce ideas off of me, it’s not an easy decision!

  7. Oh!! I love the pictures! Congratulations on a gorgeous wedding. Sorry I’m late to comment, I’m so behind in my blog reading!! Can’t wait to see more!

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