Terrible timing

So I know you guys are waiting to hear all about the wedding and honeymoon in Mexico. And believe me, I have a ton of my own pictures, and just wait till the professional ones come in….you might be tired of them by then.

However, there has been some terrible timing. I’ll write about the wedding and funny stories this week, but tonight is dedicated to one of the sweetest people I have ever known.

She is Mr. A’s Granny. I think I’ve mentioned her before, but if not, a quick recap. She’s about 87, tiny, and just as sweet as can be. She and Grandad have been married for 64 years and they’re precious. They welcomed me into their home and their family from the beginning. The first time I ever went to a Sunday dinner, she told me I could come back without Mr. A anytime I wanted to. Ever since, I’ve just been one of the grandkids. She made the quilt I was so proud to have as a gift at my shower and we will cherish that thing forever.

My last remaining grandparent, and the one I was by far the closest with, passed away last summer. She had ALS, and if you know someone who had it, then I am very sorry because it was the worst thing to watch someone go through. Your mind is fine, but to know your body is failing you would be horrifying. So, Granny and Grandad became my adopted grandparents. They loved me and I loved them. They came to my graduation and always checked on me and made sure I was doing okay. Granny and Grandad were the first people we called once Mr. A proposed after we called the parents.

However, Granny’s health has not been good, at all. Her health kept Granny and Grandad from being able to make the 3 hours trip to the wedding, but we understood. All we wanted was for her to be healthy, so it was fine. We went to dinner with them about a week before the wedding (my amazing 6 minute get ready time) and we were able to spend some one on one time since we usually see them at family events.

So, on our wedding day, after dinner and once the reception started, we called them. We wanted them to know they were on our minds and just say hello. We said as soon as we got back form Mexico, we would come over and show them the pictures and spend some time with them. Granny sounded great and excited that we had called.

Granny passed away Wednesday, the same day we left for our honeymoon. No one had told us that she went into the hospital on Tuesday night. We got an e-mail that they were putting in a pacemaker Wednesday morning. Because the wifi was down at the resort Thursday morning, we didn’t get the urgent e-mail telling us to call my MIL asap until about 10 on Thursday night. Even before calling, we knew.

Of course, we couldn’t get through at first and we were in a bit of a panic to get a hold of someone. Finally, the call went through and we were told the news that she had passed on Wednesday. Terrible timing.

I was immediately running through my head how we could get a flight for Saturday and be home in time for the funeral sunday and who I needed to call and how to arrange it. However, my MIL insisted we stay because Granny would never have wanted us to cut our trip short. It was heart breaking. 4 days into being married and a day into our honeymoon and we received some of the worst news while we were thousands of miles away with limited communication. It was hard.  Mr. A said he didn’t really want to talk about it while we were there and we should just enjoy our vacation. But tonight when we went to MIL’s house for some home cooked food, it all came out. We finally found out the whole story.

Granny knew she was getting worse for the two weeks leading up to her passing. But, she is as stubborn as they get, and she refused to tell anyone because she knew we were all getting ready for our wedding. She didn’t want to be a burden or ruin any plans. That brought me to tears. She put her health on the line because she didn’t want to ruin any of our wedding fun. Granted, the whole family knows that if she would have been put in the hospital for any amount of time, she would have died anyways. She was a fighter and refused to go while withering away in a hospital. So, tonight there were lots of tears and some coming to terms. Watching Mr. A break down was crushing to watch and I put my own breakdown on hold so I could support him. He was there for  me so much last summer, and I knew he needed me to be strong for him now.

Tomorrow I will get back into my excitement of talking about the wedding, but tonight is for Granny. She is in heaven, no longer in pain, and taking care of her flower garden.



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6 responses to “Terrible timing

  1. Mrs. D

    So very sorry to hear about your loss. Your Granny sounds like a wonderful caring woman. How wonderful that you were able to get to know her.

    Thinking of you and your husband.

  2. So I am brand new to your blog (congratulations on the wedding!), and have to say I am SO sorry for your loss. My grandparents were some of the most important people in my life and I have just one, spunky 90 year old Betty White-esq Grandma left. I teared up just reading this, thinking of her. Thoughts and prayers for your family.

  3. I’m so sorry this happened, so sorry for the great loss you both feel. And I’m really sorry you found out when there was nothing you could do about it 😦

  4. I am so sorry to hear about your loss, it sounds like she was a really sweet person.

  5. Ah. 😦 That is so sad. I’m sorry for you two. 😦

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