Carrie Bradshaw and I need to have a little chat

Carrie Bradshaw and the Sex and the City girls have been the go-to for fashion, friendship, and dating advice for years. These four girls have stuck together through it all and, I think, it’s what every girl wants. Fun. Fierce clothes. The best friends a girl could ask for. Not to mention dating, and other unmentionable acts, with some of the most attractive men. Swoon.

But this new movie that I saw tonight with my mother in law was strange for me. It was good. I loved the clothes. The unapologetic attitudes about sex and not being afraid to be a strong and independent woman. The situations these women get themselves into. All of Carries shoes. (I would give ANYTHING to have those blue Manolo Blahnik’s from the last movie, which were nicely cameoed in Carrie’s closet this time around.

But the themes were getting to me.

If you have read anything I have written in the past week, you know I’m getting married in, now, 3 days. I am excited, to say the least. I can’t sleep. I’m restless. I’m antsy. All I want to do is to go over every detail and all I can talk about the this wedding.

I’m a five year old again.

I guess I wasn’t in the right mindset for this movie tonight. I won’t spoil anything, but a major theme was marriage problems and cheating while married. NOT what I want to even think about right now.

I got my first tiny taste of panic. From a movie. Lame.

I love him. I trust him. I do not need little bits of doubt about the sanctity of marriage or whether or not we will want to be around each other all 7 days of the week.

I guess this just wasn’t the movie for me. I thought maybe I should watch it later, but I feel like those themes are not something a newlywed needs to think about. I need to see a movie where love always prevails and people cannot be happier to be with their soulmate. Basically, I need the first movie again. Only, let’s skip the part where Big doesn’t show up at the wedding the first time. Another thought that I don’t need.

Oh well. Maybe in a few years I will be abel to look past those things and just enjoy the movie for the fabulous-ness of it all.

Tomorrow, we head home. A few wedding errands (tux, last minute gifts, nails, etc.). Saturday is just finishing up last minute things and rehearsal dinner.

And then Sunday. May 30th, 2010. 5pm. I will be walking down the aisle, looking at my future husband, and knowing I get to be with my best friend for forever.

Enjoy your holiday weekend and I’ll send you Mexico pictures!

New Teacher. New Wife.



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2 responses to “Carrie Bradshaw and I need to have a little chat

  1. AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! It’s a day away!!! Sorry, I’m behind on reading.

    On the whole cheating and negativity thing…. yes…. I avoid it at all costs. It’s not that I am naive or mistrust my husband, it’s just that it’s not an option so why entertain it. Don’t stress. I am sure you will be a beautiful bride. Soak it all up. It’s a beautiful beginning to such an INCREDIBLE life.

  2. I am just reading this and you are by now a MARRIED WOMAN!!!! YAY!!!!!

    Sorry the SATC movie got to you. I think ALL Hollywood movies that are remotely related to marriage – the good or the bad of it – should be banned from the engaged or the newly married. Because it’s all fake. All of it.

    You and your husband (yay!!!!) will find your own way. You’ll have your own happiness, your own “issues” (big and small). But none of it will match up with the things Hollywood portrays. And that’s okay! If it’s right for you two, it’s right. Period.

    Can’t wait to hear all about your wedding and your brand new life together!

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