“Can you do me a favor?”

The Bachelorette party was a complete success! I was excited for it, but it turned out to be more fun that I imagined. I truly have some amazing friends who had me in mind the entire time they were planning. It was perfect for me.

The weekend started Friday. We went to get our marriage license. Was this as ridiculous for anyone else?? The woman who waited on us must have been deaf and blind. Not trying to be mean, but she would ask us the dumbest questions and we would tell her, and then as she repeated it, she didn’t repeat the answer we just gave her. She thought the fiance’s first name was his last name for some ridiculous reason. We corrected her about FIVE times, and she STILL printed it wrong and then got frustrated with us because she had to print a second one. I was trying so hard to keep from laughing and I was trying to keep the fiance from going off on her. Never thought going to City Hall would be such an event. Also, it cost of $50. Not sure if this is typical in other states, but we thought it was a little ridiculous, especially since I will have to pay another $15 to get an official copy after the wedding so I can change my name. Oh government and you trying to steal all my money. Oh well. Probably the best $50 I’ve ever spent.

Fiance’s friends showed up in the afternoon and I dropped him off. I instantly became nervous. No idea why, but I did. All the craziness that could happen started running through my mind. I met up with a friend to grab dinner and see a movie so I didn’t have to sit at home and think about what he was doing while he was out. I know guys will be guys, so whatever.

I didn’t have anything in my closet that I felt was just right for the night. I had fancy cocktail dresses, but I knew that’s not the type of night we were having, and my little cotton dress didn’t seem nice enough. So I headed to the mall and went to work. And I found this little number:

Bisou Bisou Dress

(Can’t find a bigger picture. Sorry.)

It was perfect. It was flirty and fun without being too low or too tight. It was also on sale, which was wonderful. It fit perfectly, and the kicker, it has pockets!! I love pockets in dresses. I think they are fantastic. And then I took this opportunity to buy a little clutch purse. I’ve always wanted one, but never had a real reason, until now. I love Target:

Target- Mossimo clutch

It was perfect. And will probably be my new best friend in Mexico. No need to carry around my giant bag when I (shouldn’t) need it.

Enough about the outfit. I was just very excited about it and I would probably have made it my rehearsal dinner dress if I didn’t already have one.

So, Saturday, I went and met up with friend E, who was the one who planned the entire bach. party. I had received baseball tickets for my birthday in March, and since I knew it was fiance’s bach. party, I decided I would invite E along. She loves the C@rdin@ls as much as I do, so it was wonderful. We grabbed some lunch beforehand so we didn’t have to spend a fortune on overpriced, yet very yummy, ballpark hotdogs. The weather was gorgeous. We had some pretty good seats.

We lost because our players, apparently, decided to enjoy the weather and not actually play worth a damn, but I enjoyed myself.

Should be an advertisement or something.

We headed back to E’s apartment and showered and got ready. The whole time, she’s refusing to tell me ANYTHING. The other two girls arrived. They dressed me in my sash, crown, and flashing button. I was very glad none of them had any male genitalia on them. While it’s amusing to watch other brides to be in it all, I really didn’t feel like prancing around it in.

We headed to dinner. It was DELICIOUS. It was a little tapas restaurant right by E’s apartment. P and R loved it as well. We had a little back room to ourselves and they had the gorgeous bartender wait on us. E goes there ALL the time, so she knew him and it was just fun. Absolutely great food, great drinks, and the perfect start to the night.

After dinner, we went back to E’s apartment. All I knew was that we had reservations at our next place, but E had a surprise for us back at her place  before we headed out. She had these awesome glowing rings for all of us. Mine was clear and their’s were pink. It just added some more fun to the night.

What would you do if your real ring was that big?? I would need a bodyguard!

She had the BEST chocolate cream pie for us. It was truly heaven in a pie crust. She also had champagne and strawberries for us to have a little dessert before heading to my favorite bar.

There is this amazing vodka bar in my hometown city. George Clooney went there when he was filming his last movie in said city. The bar itself is frozen to keep the drinks cold. I love it and the girls knew it, so they got us reservations for the night. E also had a deck of dare cards for us to play throughout the night. Luckily, I wasn’t the only one who had to do them. We all took turns and it was so much fun. By about halfway through the night, most of the bar knew what we were doing, and all the guys played along and were so much fun. Nothing was too scandalous and I’ve never had so much fun. Here are the appropriate pictures, or the ones without us in them.

When our rings unite....

The Cards. Oh the friends we made that night!

We were constantly asking guys, “Can you do me a favor?” They all obliged and even took the nine million pictures with us.

At one point, I had all of this setting in front of me. Two of which the owner bought me. He was a lot of fun.

Water was very important. For every drink I ordered, or was bought for me, I had a water. If I finished the water before the drink, I got another water before buying another. This prevented me from just falling all over the place and looking ridiculous. It worked wonderfully.

We love free stuff.

So, terrible picture, but a promoter for the new Sex and the City:2 move was at the bar that night. He gave us free t-shirts, posters, and these fun little tattoos. We all put them on just to be silly. Free stuff is always great.

Overall, the night was a success! I had a blast and so did they. Nothing insane happened, which is perfect for me. We, of course, went through a drive through at 3:30am, devoured our greasy, not-on-my-diet food, and crashed. I loved it and I am wishing I could do it again.

We are now 5 days from the big day and the stress is getting to me a little. I’ve gotten about 25 phone calls today, all having something to do with the wedding, or what needs to happen before, etc.

So, what was your bachelorette party like?

Any pre-wedding advice? Should I get a massage? Do I get sentimental with my Mom Saturday night, or do I hang out with fiance and our friends the night before?

I’ve decided to give a few pictures of sneak peeks of the wedding. I know I won’t be on here probably Friday-6/10, so here are just a couple hits at what this Sunday will be like to hold you over.

This is where dinner will be. Centerpieces will be different, but I am in LOVE with these lanterns and I just had to have them for my wedding.

I love this space!

The black chairs. The big, open windows over looking the city. The crisp lanterns that will be lit up once it gets dark. And this is just the dinner room!

This is the vest color for all of the guys, except my future husband. He will be in ivory.

A light green color.

Now, I must go attack my mile long to do list. Any tips on what to say during my rehearsal dinner speech? Because I’m clueless.

New Teacher. New Wife (in 5 days!)



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5 responses to ““Can you do me a favor?”

  1. YYYEEEAAHHH!!!!!!!!!! Glad it was a success. 🙂 Our rehearsal speeches consisted of giving gifts that were meaningful to each person… it was a sob-fest. Just remember to be true to you and it will all be great!

  2. So glad it was a success!!

    I’d keep it REALLY simple. We did it totally off the cuff. Because that’s just how we roll. I think we said something like, “Each one of you mean so much to us, you’ve watched us grown up, supported us, traveled hundreds of miles to be here with us this weekend for the most important day yet in our young lives. Thank you so much for your unfailing support. Have fun tonight, and see you tomorrow!”

  3. Sounds like you had such a great time!!

    I got a massage the morning of my wedding, and I think it was a waste. I mean, it was nice to be alone with my thoughts for a while before the wedding, but they were racing all over the place and I couldn’t really enjoy the massage. Plus, I was tense and nervous afterward anyway.

    My husband and I wrote our rehearsal dinner speech in the car before we went into the rehearsal dinner. 🙂 It wasn’t super, but we just tried to thank everybody for being there.

  4. So happy you had such a great bachlorette party! I love the glowing rings. Wait- so are you getting MARRIED in 5 days? AH! That is so soon!

    • Yes. The wedding, is now, in 4 days. LIke, this Sunday, the dat before Memorial Day. haha. I am so very excited. I am just stressed that I am going to forget something since we will be headed back to my hometown and then leaving for Mexico from there. Craziness!

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