Wish Me Luck

This is just a quick little post. Nothing fancy. No racing around and trying to get ready in world record times.

Tomorrow fiance and I head home to go to our respective bachelor and bachelorette parties. His will start Friday night when his friends show up and end in a hangover Sunday morning, and mine is all day Saturday.

Nothing too scandalous, I hope!

No idea what is going to happen. I don’t imagine it to be filled with trying to get kisses from guys or anything embarrassing because these girls know I hate that stuff. Mostly because I get embarrassed SUPER easy.

However, fiance and I both love a particular vodka bar and I bet both of our parties will show up there at some point. His best man suggested that if we DO end up there at the same time, we should act like we don’t know each other at all. Then, after having a drink, go a flirt with each other, and at some point start making out. The bar will think some slutty bride and skanky groom are making out with random people. Imagine the stories strangers would go home to tell if they saw that? You know YOU would tell everyone. At least I would.

So, wish me luck. I cannot wait for Saturday and to go out and have a good time. I will update with as many pictures as are appropriate for the internet and without keeping me from getting a job! haha

I Sunday night, as I recover, will be the perfect time to fill you in on all the crazy stories!

Enjoy your weekend!

New Teacher New Wife



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3 responses to “Wish Me Luck

  1. I do hope to see an update on this one! I am stoked for you. Have a great time. Let people spoil you!!!

  2. Hilarious! I love the idea of yall pretending to be strangers at the bar. Oh the things people would think/say!

    Have fun!

  3. Mrs. D

    Have fun!!!

    Can’t wait to hear a recap.

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