Life Update

Things around here are a wee bit hectic. While at time I wish I was still in college, I am SO very happy I didn’t have to deal with finals or any of that this past month. I would have gone crazy!

–Fiance has finished his MBA program and he is very excited. I am glad he will get a break this summer before law school starts and I can have my happy guy back. He gets a little cranky towards the end of the semester because of all the projects and finals.

–One of my roommates ahd her wedding today. I know she wasn’t happy with what was going on. Her mom basically hijacked the whole thing and it isn’t what she wanted at all. She didn’t even get to pick out her won cake. Her mom did it without her. So, I could tell there was some tension and she wasn’t comfortable, so it was a little strange. But, she looked great and now they are married. That’s all that matters, right? Hopefully her mom will back off so she and the husband can settle in.

–I have been trying to find someone to take over the lease on my apartment for the summer for a while now. When I signed the lease through this July, I wasn’t quite thinking far enough ahead and my apartment complex company won’t just let you pay a fee to get out of a lease. You HAVE to find a replacement person, which isn’t always the easiest. Until….one of my roommate’s friends needed a place for the summer!! Long story short….she’s getting paperwork finished. I’m paying the transfer fee. And I’m moving out tomorrow.

Yes. Tomorrow. Busy much? Anyone want to come and help move boxes? I’ll supply the drinks and food?

–Fiance and I went out after the wedding with our friends A and R and we really enjoyed spending time with them. I’m in A’s wedding in July and I’m pretty excited about it. My bridesmaid dress has pockets and it’s super cute. Come on…pockets!

–This week I think is going to be nuts. I am hoping to get some calls to sub, but I can’t Wednesday because of some appointments I had already made because I thought we would be out of school by now. Silly snow days. And I almost want to take Monday off so I can organize stuff here at the fiance’s/my new apartment. ALL of my stuff is going to have to fit. Might get a little cramped this summer. The MIL has offered her basement to us for storage, so we might have to take her up on that.

–Wedding is in 14 days!! I cannot wait! I’m excited about the wedding and I’m looking forward to it all. But one of the things I’m most looking forward to is that fiance’s groomsman and best man are staying int he same hotel we are. Our hotel has a roof top bar. The wedding ends at 10. We’re planning on changing and hanging out with them for a little while. I think it will be great just to talk with our close friends without all the people and just get to relax. And then of course going to Mexico three days later. Beach. Sun. Water. Gourmet restaurants. 17 days til paradise!

I think I’ve rambled enough tonight. Hope everyone has a great weekend and spend some time and enjoy the weather!

New Teacher. New Wife.

—–Feel free to come help move tomorrow. If you have nothing better to do…..;-)


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  1. Aw, it sounds like you’re having a blast! The post-wedding party sounds like a great idea. 🙂 I wish we had thought of it!

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