This useless degree

So, in honor of the current job situation and the fact that the 15 schools in my new state that are within an hours drive of the fiance’s school dont have ONE SINGLE JOB POSTING, I thought I would share this from one of my favorite Broadway shows. I think Beth teaches English, so she might appreciate the humor in it. (My degree is in Engilsh Education, so I am certified to teach, but many of the straight English majors would make fun of us and say we didn’t really know anything about literature, etc. Also, if you were an English major, this is not meant to offend. I just think it’s funny.)

**I’ll write a real post later today.**



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2 responses to “This useless degree

  1. YES!!!!!!!!!!! This is actually on my commuting playlist. One of my Junior’s came in this year and said…. “Mrs. F—— what do you do with a BA in English?” I LOVE IT!!!!!! Btw- I was totally an English major, and anyone who is offended by that song needs to get a reality check… the song isn;t far from the truth.

  2. Sarah

    Oh my goodness, how have I not heard this!? I LOVE it! I have a BA in English Literature and thought this was hilarious. Thank you for sharing! :o)

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