19 more days of chaos

I thought I would try to not only blog about the wedding.

And then I didn’t blog for almost a week.

It’s too much of my life at the moment, so here it is. I’m sure many of you can understand the excitement/anticipation/nervousness that is constantly on my mind and running through my body.

So, on that note, we have 19 days till the wedding!!!!!  So excited.

After my little meltdown last week, and the support and helpful comments I received, I took a little time for myself and thought about everything going on. I AM so very happy to marry my fiance. He’s perfect for me. If I believed in soulmates, he’d be mine. (I Haven’t fully decided if I believe in them or not…). He’s my absolute best friend and I can’t wait to spend my life with him.

I think I was just stressed. And I could get a little more stressed between now and then, but I know it will all be wonderful. I keep looking at our photographer’s blog and I love the shots she catches and I am fully confident that she will be just as wonderful on my wedding day. I mean, she has had two weddings in a row where tornado sirens were going off. I think she can handle our little group!

Cannot remember if I told this story, but I haven’t been freaking out about the wedding or things going wrong. Except my flowers. I keep having nightmares about my bouquet and how terrible it is! In one dream, it is only three flowers that are wimpy and wilting with a sloppy bow tied around them. They look awful and pathetic. In the other drams, my bouquet is like 4 feet by 4 feet and so huge that I can’t even see over it and it is super heavy. It even has a Santa Claus in a mink fur coat in it. What?!?!? Who has a Santa in their wedding bouquet? Not this girl.

I guess I could be having worse nightmares, so I will take my flowers issues, look at my florist’s website several times a week and look at what my bouquet should will look like. It calms me some.

What also has helped pull me out of this funk was my bridal shower last weekend. For some reason having a wedding related event helped a lot. And realizing we are now into the teens until the wedding. Bizarre.

So, a few pictures from last weekend. My fiance’s side fo the family threw it and it was a lot of fun. We got a bunch of good stuff and I just want to start using it all!

Someone must have sent the memo about my love of cupcakes. Both showers had cupcakes. Delicious.

My soon to be aunt got my this lovely corsage:

So pretty!

I had a little wardrobe malfunction. My dress was MUCH lower than I remembered when we bought it, so luckily one of the aunts had a safety pin and I could keep from flashing the grandmas and great aunts. That would have been bad.

The lovely table decorations. They did such a great job!

The quilt the fiance's Granny made for me.

This quilt is and will be very special to me. Granny (I’ve adopted as my own ever since my grandma, and last grandparent, passed away last summer.) makes every grandchild a quilt. One when they’re born and then when they get married. Granny had my fiance pick out his colors a long time ago, when he was still in high school. She joked that his future wife better like green because it is VERY green. good thing he found me because I love green. Granny also has really bad Parkinson’s and she realized she wouldn’t be able to keep making quilts, so she made this one about two years ago. I love it. She was apparently worried I wouldn’t like it for some reason. I love it very much and it will always be special to me.

After a long day of talking with people that I didn’t know and trying to be very sweet to everyone, all I wanted was a drink and to relax. We headed back to my MIL’s and I enjoyed a favorite of mine:

Ask nicely and I'll tell you what's in it...

Nothing better to cheer me up. And then these two adorable pups came and hung out with us. Molly, the bigger and thinner one, I saved from a shelter and my MIL kept her. I got to name her and everything. She’s precious. Buddy is a short and stout little guy, but very nice as well. My fiance LOVES this dog. It’s rather adorable.

This weekend we have my roommate’s wedding. Fiance DOES NOT want to go, but he’s going anyways. He doesn’t like the people whose wedding ti is, but it’s only for a couple hours so he can deal. And we will be going out after with some people we do really like, so I’m looking forward to it. Next weekend is my bachelorette party and his bachelor party in a certain midwest city. I am very excited! I will be going to a baseball game of my FAVORITE team of all time that afternoon, then getting cleaned up and going out for the night. Other than the game, I have NO CLUE what we are doing. So, I guess I’m a littler nervous also! hah

I’ll have more details as we get closer and I just can’t contain the happiness at the moment!

New Teacher. New Wife.



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3 responses to “19 more days of chaos

  1. Girl, post away about the wedding plans!!!!! I love reading it!!!

  2. 19 days will go SO FAST! Enjoy every moment of this exciting time, because it will shock you how normal life is after the wedding! (Not in a bad way-things just fall into place. It’s like going 0 to 60 to back to 0!)

  3. So glad you are feeling better about everything! It’s totally normal to stress about things. Just hang in there and everything will be wonderful!

    What a lovely quilt. That is such a thoughtful gift!

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