The First Shower

This past weekend I had my first bridal shower. I was so very excited. I mean, we have been planning and planning since January 2009. That’s almost a year and a half of planning without anything happening. The whole wedding almost doesn’t seem real.

But, finally we had an event that says we’re getting close to the big day. I just still can’t imagine it. Did anyone else feel like that? I have a feeling it won’t REALLY hit me till the day of the wedding.

I mean, opening presents and not sharing the attention is different since I always share my birthday with my brother, but it’s still odd.

I know we’re only 33 days….

I’ll just stop analyzing now. I might drive myself nuts doing that.

I loved my cupcakes. Red velvet and the cute little flower decorations made them perfect for me!

Cute centerpieces that were then given to all the moms ( my mom, stepmom, and mother in law)

This shower at home was fairly small. All of my mom’s sisters and such live all over the place, so it is understood that they won’t be at a shower…and this goes for all the kids. My mom’s two best friends threw the shower and I loved it. I liked that I knew everyone there and I was so very appreciative of them coming to the shower.

My favorite gift from the shower was one we didn’t register for. My mom had a chenille blanket embroidered with my soon to be last name and our wedding date. The lettering was done in our wedding color. I love it. I am a HUGE fan of blankets so this was perfect and it’s the softest thing ever.My mom said she has had it for a year. She’s so sweet.

I thought I had more pictures that I wasn’t in, but I don’t. I’ll try to work on that.

Also, if you read a couple posts ago, still don’t know what to do about this bachelorette party this weekend. My good friend A (which I will be a bridesmaid for in July) is going to be out of town, so she won’t be going. She and I both feel awkward with these other girls because of everything that has happened. So no one to back me up.

Also, this is our ONLY free weekend between now and the wedding, and we would like to spend some time just relaxing and not having any other commitments. I think I’m leaning towards not going and then praying it doesn’t cause a huge blow up. I despise pointless drama.

See why I’m friends with guys? If this were a group of guys, I could say, “Hey, I can’t make it. Sorry, but I’ll see you at the wedding.” It would be over and no problem.

Oh, well.

I have another shower in two weeks, her wedding in three, and my bach party in 4. Very excited.

*New Teacher New Wife



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3 responses to “The First Shower

  1. Sara

    Congrats on having your first shower! It looked beautiful! Some of my favorite gifts were not on our registry either. The personal ones are always so nice!

    I’m not saying that you have to go to the bachelorette party, but if you don’t, I think it’d be a good idea to explain the situation to the bride and ask if just the two of you (or the three of you when A gets back) can do something together since you weren’t able to make it. Dinner out, pedicures, brunch, drinks, etc. Just the effort of trying to make it up to her at another time with something you’re all more comfortable with will mean a lot. 🙂

  2. It honestly did not hit me that we were really getting married until I lay down in my childhood bedroom the night before the wedding. I think that was the first time in months that I’d been able to just be still and relax.

    I think skipping the bachelorette party is fine, too. I like the idea of explaining why you can’t make it (SO busy with your own wedding, you need time to regroup) and suggesting an alternative.

  3. YEAH FOR PICTURES!!!! It looks like it was gorgeous! 🙂 I hope those 33 days come quickly, so you can enjoy not only your wedding day but the incredible journey of marriage!!!! My whole bridal shower/bachelorette party experience was such an out of body one. I would say don’t trip about the bachelorette. You gotta do what you gotta do.

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