Credit Cards, Watches and Weights

This post is a little eclectic. Fair warning…

So, while this isn’t what I usually post about or plan on posting about, I have some money questions.

Anyone have suggestions for a good credit card? I would like a cash back card or a reward card, but I’m really not sure which one to choose or anything like that, so I put to you…help? I have pretty good credit, so yeah.

Also, I’ve been working on a wedding gift for the fiance. I already know what he’s getting me, which isn’t traditional, but I know what I wanted and it was expensive, so he wanted to make sure it is the right thing. So, I want to get him a watch, but holy cow.

I know how much mine is costing, and I have budgeted for his about the same amount, maybe even a little more, but watches are EXPENSIVE. I was looking at brands that weren’t Rolex, and it was intense and mind blowing. I want to get him a nice one, but I think I’m going to have to reevaluate what “nice” one means. Anyone have any suggestions or what did you get for your husband? Or did you even exchange gifts? I want to treat him to something he will really love, but we have three years of law school debt ahead, I don’t  need to be in debt for a present.

So, I’ve mentioned a couple times about my need and desire to lose some weight and I’m trying to be good. Not that my love of margaritas is helping, but I’m trying. So, meet my new best friends:

Bill and Bob kick my butt

They may only be 5 pound weights, but I do lots of reps, which is more important for me to get the arms slimmed down. Also, I would have put a picture of my ball which I adore for ab workouts and all sorts of stuff, but at some point between last night and right now, fiance deflated it to get it out of the living room and save space. Doesn’t he know I have a motivation problem and it helps me when it is in plain sight and I can’t get away from it??

Also, some girl advice. ( I told you this post was going to be r.a.n.d.o.m.)  One of my roommates got engaged in December after she has said for as long as I’ve known her that she didn’t want to get engaged. Also, she gave me a really hard time about my wedding because it had “so many people” and we were spending “so much money” and I was letting my mom plan everything. Which isn’t true because my mom has been a saint and even though she did the leg work, EVERY SINGLE DETAIL she has called me about and we have discussed at length. Again, a 30 minute conversation about stamps is a little much.

Well, she gets engaged to a guy that, by the date of their wedding, they will not have even known each other a year. They met at one of our friend’s wedding which was last June. Their wedding is May 15th (yes…two weeks before mine…which is a whole other story of girl drama). So, it’s been awkward. Roommate and I are also bridesmaids in another friends wedding in July. (Roommate also picked the EXACT same location for her wedding as our friend, even though friend has been engaged since LAST July…and it’s not even roommate’s church–see? drama.)

Not one of the girls in our circle of friends has really shown any interest in my wedding other than finding ways to critique it. (this exclude the girl who I’m a bridesmaid for…she’s fantastic) Not one asked about a bachelorette party and I have had to message several of them to see if they are coming to mine because they didn’t RSVP on time.

But, then I get a message about helping to throw a bachelorette party for roommate that is getting married  right before me. Help??? I’m not a bridesmaid…she asked a couple other girls in the group, but not me, which is honestly fine because I have enough going on and not the finances to be a good bridesmaid. I mean, I wouldn’t min chipping in for her drinks and dinner, but I have no desire to spend a hundred bucks for a hotel room that I don’t plan staying in or a limo. I mean, honestly, I’m a little ticked because they expect me to drop everything for her and her wedding, even though they were nothing but rude about mine.

So, what do I do? Do I go and fake enthusiasm? Do I back out, claiming other commitments that night? If I go, how much am I going to be expected to chip in? Again, I’m not a bridesmaid, so what are my responsibilities?

I appreciate any and all advice. Thank you.

New Teacher. New Wife.



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5 responses to “Credit Cards, Watches and Weights

  1. Wow, I can’t remember what my wedding gift was. Best wishes with your future though.

  2. So. I’m not necessarily the best person to answer this question. I’d wait to get more opinions before acting.

    I would not host the party, for so many reasons. #1, speaking from very recent experience, hosting a bachelorette party is EXPENSIVE. #2, doing it in the midst of big personal drama (in this case my husband’s health), is VERY STRESSFUL. I think you said this party would be 2 or 3 weeks before your own wedding? Yeah, I think not. And #3, and this is very silly, I attended a bachelorette party about a month before my own wedding for a girl who got married 2 weeks before me, and while it was a fun party, it was weird to not be “the” bride. So while you probably should go and suck up that #3, I wouldn’t host, because while she’s the bride, too, this is a time in your life when you are not the host, you’re the guest of honor, and revert back to reason #2.

    If you’re not staying in the hotel, don’t chip in for that. If you’re riding in the limo, DO chip in for that. But don’t do it as a hostess, do it as a guest of the party.

    Lastly, I am not sure about the etiquette of non-bridesmaids hosting the bachelorette party, but I’d consider that when you make your decision. I’m pretty sure (but not completely sure) that that should only be the case if a non-bridesmaid VOLUNTEERS to host out of the goodness of her heart. I think it might actually be really rude for the bridesmaids to ASK someone else to host/co-host since I am pretty sure the the MOH is traditionally the host.

  3. I totally agree with LSW.

    This is not your party to host. That’s a duty reserved for bridesmaids. And you have the perfect excuse I think – that you are totally “booked up” with planning your own wedding and you wouldn’t be able to do as good a job on the bachelorette as this girl “deserves.” And don’t chip in any more money than you think is reasonable/feasible. Seriously. DON’T BE GUILTED INTO IT. I know people want to throw nice parties for their friends, but it should never be an economic hardship on the people hosting. Or the people who are NOT hosting.

    If it would be more of a hassle/drama to opt out, then I think you could say something like, “I’d love to be involved, thanks for asking! I have $XX to chip in, and I can do Task XYZ.” And then stick to that. That way, you’d be participating but you’d also be protecting your money and your time.

    I’d just like to reiterate that you are under no obligation to help, contribute money, or attend… And that you shouldn’t feel bad about whatever you decide. I had plenty of friends – friends who honestly sound like better friends than this girl is to you – who couldn’t attend my shower or my wedding, and I was fine with it. Because it’s not that big a deal. And a girl who gets pissy about it has her own issues.

    As for the credit card, we use Capital One which can be kind of annoying fee-wise (and they have a weird billing schedule that confuses me to no end), but they are really good with miles/points. Very few restrictions.

    So. Wow. Longest comment ever. 🙂 Have a good weekend!

  4. Thanks for the comment on my blog, I am loving reading yours.

    Ahh girl drama. Yuck-o.

    I agree with LSW and LDW–ain’t your obligation. If you feel compelled to go (or don’t want to snub her), simply reply that you have a billion other things going on but would like to at least stop by. Then, show up late, buy the bride a drink, bow out early and go home.

    Good luck, sounds like a bunch of jealous drama on her part! Why is it any of her business how big/expensive your wedding is??

    • It’s not. At all. I decided to not go. The other girl I am close with won’t be able to go and I would much rather enjoy our one free weekend doing something with the fiance, so I politely declined.

      drama is never fun! hah

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