42 days?

42 days. Really? I can’t believe it.

Went home this weekend. {Like I will be doing constantly. Gas should be cheaper. Or I should get a “frequent traveler card”}

Took the dreaded test that I have been complaining about for 2 months. Not sure what to think. It was tough, but I felt I did okay. Let’s just hope I passed so I don’t have to take it again. 4 weeks and we will know.

I did the run through for my hair for the wedding today. It went well, I guess. My hair is so think that it just takes forever and I’m afraid the big curls I’m doing are going to fall out that day. Ehh….what happens will happen. That needs to be my motto for the next few months.

Didn’t get to spend as much time with the boy of mine because of a silly baseball game that went into 20 innings. ARE YOU SERIOUS??? That’s TWO entire baseball games plus some. And he said they stopped serving any food/beer/drinks during the 7th inning….about 13 innings too soon apparently. So I didn’t even meet up with him till almost 11pm on Saturday and then we were both exhausted from our long days and went to sleep. Oh well.

We will be headed home this weekend as well. Except, this is for my bridal shower! Ahhhh…so very excited.

Finally, after 1.5 years of planning planning planning, there is finally an event that signifies this little shindig is VERY close. I am very very excited. I feel like a 5 year old.

But….instead of a cake, because I saw no need for a whole cake, the wonderful women who are putting on the shower are making my favorite cupcakes:

Moist. Cream cheese icing. All in a delicious, individual serving...yummm.

I love red velvet cupcakes. They are so delicious.


So, was going to write more, but just got a phone call that I am needed to substitute tomorrow, so I must go shower and get to bed ASAP. Already past my usual work day bed time. Ooops.

So I will elaborate more later.

Again, does anyone realize I am getting married in 42 days????? I’m excited, but nervous….must calm down.

Good night. Need to make some money tomorrow….

*New Teacher. New Wife.*


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One response to “42 days?

  1. Mrs. D

    yay! You are getting so close!!!

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