The nerd that I am

I’m an English major. Was an English major. {Still getting used to not defining myself by college major…}

Anyways, I love to read. Always have. When I was younger, I used to purposely wake up early so that I could read a whole book before lunch. Yep. I was a dork.

However, I don’t really fit with the stereotypical English major. One of my students asked me if I read Shakespeare on the weekends. I quickly informed them “no” and that I had enough of Shakespeare in college to last me a while.

Also, while I know grammar and can teach it, I’m not a grammar nazi. So, please don’t say , “Aren’t you an English major?” if there is a typo on my blog. I try to fix them and such, but it’s my blog, not my honor’s thesis. I’m not concerned.

So, I thought I would share some of my favorite books and authors. I LOVE American literature. I want to be a college professor one day and I want to teach Modern American Lit. It’s my fave.

I also like sappy chick books. We all have our flaws. 😉

SO. A more “typical” book.

Looking for a writer who creates crazy characters (mostly all southern) and bizarre events? I give you Flannery O’Connor.

She creates some of the most bizarre, yet fascinating characters.

{These are short stories btw}

Favorite new writer (new as in the last 5 or 6 years). Caprice Crane.

I adore her characters and the hilarious predicaments they get themselves into. While it’s not Whitman, she uses pop culture references brilliantly and you instantly feel attached to the characters. Truly awesome books, and easy reads.

They meet. They hate each other. Add Kurt Kobain and some Tab energy drink and it's awesome.

Cheating scumbag. Fake Amnesia. Real Amnesia. Brilliant.

Couple divorces. She sues for custody of HIS family. Rather heartwarming.

—–I know Kurt Cobain, Amnesia-real and fake-, and getting custody of the in-laws, don’t sound like usually good story line, but give one of them a shot (I suggest Forget About It or Stupid and Contagious first). They are really wonderful.

–I also enjoy a lot of Jodi Picoult books. Total girl books, but they also always have an element of law/lawyer/courtroom. My favorite is called Nineteen Minutes. It’s a Columbine-esque story, but with a twist.

Really gut wrenching. Loved it.

And, my “boy” book. Fight Club. Yepp. It was a book first and it was fantastic.

Great psychological twists. And a few fights. A few.

There are more. Many more. Maybe I’ll add a couple each week, but these are the ones that stick out.

I’m currently re-reading the Harry Potter series along with some Flannery short stories thrown in.

What are your favorite books? Any suggestions?

Also, lots of studying this week for my exam on Saturday. I clarified that I am for sure going to be testing from 7am til 7pm. Yeah. 12 hours. How sadistic is my future state????


New Teacher. New Wife.


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