Tomorrow I am going with my {soon to be} mother-in-law to the doctor’s office. It’s not for her, even though due to recent events, it wouldn’t be shocking if it was. The MIL had a recent cancer scare and had to have major surgery. She is doing very well now, but still recuperating. It really scared the fiance quite a bit.

But tomorrow’s appointment is for fiance’s granny. Granny is 80 and thinks she can do everything she did at 60. Unfortunately, she doesn’t realize that the Parkinson’s and the heart problems, along with the aches and creaks of old age, that she really needs to take it easy.

Last year, we had a big scare. Granny started seeing and hearing things. It started out with just people, but it soon escalated to bugs. Bugs everywhere. Food. Water. Floors. Showers.

It was scary. And after having losing my last grandparent a month or so before, it really was scary and upsetting.

Well, the people are back. IN the living room. At 4am.

No one is actually there.

So, tomorrow we go to the doctor’s office. MIL is still recuperating, and not allowed to drive, so I am driving and helping make sure granny doesn’t fall.

I’m a little scared. I really hope they can just adjust the medication and on we go, but there is something telling me it won’t be that easy. I’m afraid something is going to happen tomorrow or news, and I will be the one that has to tell fiance. It will destroy him. He’s already very upset that Granny and Grandad can’t come to the wedding because Granny can’t make the trip. We won’t have any grandparents there.

Really, I think I need encouragement or dumb luck for tomorrow. I just want her to be okay. If for no other reason than I can’t stand to see him so distraught.

I’m hoping for the best.

Thanks. Less dramatic tomorrow.

New Teacher. New Wife.


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  1. That’s very scary.

    We honored my husband’s grandfather (our only grandparent still living that couldn’t make the trip) in the ceremony. I think we said something like, “We take a moment to remember those who could not make the trip to be with us today, the groom’s grandfather so and so” or something. My husband was sad leading up to the wedding that his grandpa wasn’t going to be there, but honestly, I don’t feel like he noticed he was missing on the wedding day, we were surrounded by so many other people who love us.

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