Planning is Chaos

Well, my last post was pretty melodramatic. I apologize. I must filter before I start writing. Haha

Since I’m not working this week, I’ve had quite a bit of free time. Some of it helpful, a lot of it involving too much sleep and too much Netflix OnDemand. It’s an addiction. It will get worse once we get the disc for the Wii to play Netflix. Must. Get. A. Life.

But until that happens, I come to my blog.

Also, after yesterday, I will NEVER donate money to my alma mater. Never.

I’ve mentioned that I’ve had problems figuring out what I need to do in order to get licensed in other states to teach. It’s a massive headache of bureaucratic paperwork. And paying over $300 in fees to work. I am on the wrong career path. I should have been an OHSA major. ($75,000 starting sounds much more appealing).

So, because of all this confusion, I decided to quit racking my brain and ask the people who have dealt with this is before and get paid thousands each year to work in the education department.

Sidenote: Because I was secondary English edu, I was basically an English major who took a few education classes. The education department hates this because they aren’t in control and the two departments despise each other, so the students who pay their salaries get put in the middle.

So, I find out that the head of the department can help. I decide to head over to campus and see if she can talk to me fore 10 minutes and help me figure it out.

Me: Is Dr. ****** Available?

Receptionist: This is the only day this week that she will be in the office. Therefore, she is too busy to talk to you.

WHAT?!?! Shouldn’t she take the ONLY day she is in the office to help out the students she works for?

Nope. So, I get passed down the chain to someone who kind of knows what to do, but can’t really help and basically ends up telling me to call someone else. But all the while with a smile on her face.

No moolah for them from the lawyer and the future college professor. So there.

I also have been working on the wedding ceremony. I FINALLY finished it. After about 10 revisions and numerous people looking over it and catching things to change.

It makes it a little more real. I am actually able to visualize the wedding. I can picture myself standing at the altar, hearing the words, looking at fiance. It gives me goosebumps.

I’ve been pretty detached in some ways. It hasn’t REALLY hit me until recently. We had a long engagement (18 months), so planning for something a year and a half away makes it hard to feel real.

In 52 days, I will have a new last name, new future, and just about everything will change. I’m looking forward to it. But it is sure going to be different.

For the lack of any new or interesting pictures, I leave you with a couple of my favorite videos.

I know it was shown all over the place, but I love it. If only I weren’t so white and had some rhythm. Our first dance might be interesting….

If I’m ever in a bad mood, I just watch this. Instant smile.

I hope you all have a good day. Enjoy the weather, if it’s pretty where you are, and find time for yourself!

Now, to force myself to the gym….

New Teacher. New Wife.



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5 responses to “Planning is Chaos

  1. The weirdest thing about getting married for me was how, after the wedding, everything was exactly the same. Except different. Being married is totally different than living together, even though I can’t explain it. It’s kind of like I think how you can imagine what it will be like to be a mother, and someone can tell you what it’s like, but you can’t really imagine what it will be like until it happens. But besides that new feeling, life was crazy the same until law school started, and it was just downright eerie!

  2. I have feeling that’s how we will be also. We don’t fully live together. I Still have an apartment, but I’m at his place ALL the time, like right now. I feel things will be the same until we move, which will be weird. I just can’t yet imagine having a different last name. Or responding to a new name. Maybe I’ll make him take mine?? haha 😉

  3. I remember all too well how stressful it was to plan a wedding. And then I would feel stupid for being stressed out by something that is basically a big party. (I mean, to me it was more than that, but if I’m being truthful it was a big party.)

    But I think a lot of the stress is necessary, in some ways, to prepare you for this major transition. I mean, if the wedding part was easy, maybe you wouldn’t fully realize what a big step you are taking?

    I love that wedding video – it’s so purely joyful, which is exactly how a wedding should be.

  4. You’re probably right. And i want it to be fun and everyone to have a good time, but it IS also a VERY important day for the fiance and myself, and I feel that at least the ceremony part needs to be somewhat serious. Not too serious, but realize it’s important.

    And yes. That video always makes me happy. All our friends asked if we would be doing somethin
    g similar. I told them NO ONE wanted to see us or the wedding party attempt any sort of choreographed dance. haha

  5. As soon as my husband saw the dancing wedding processional, he wanted to redo our ceremony. Thank goodness he hadn’t seen it before our wedding three years ago!

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