Relaxing Weekend and Photo Explosion

This post might be long, but I promised pictures, so I’m delivering. Hopefully you enjoy!

(Too bad I can’t post pictures of the fiance because there are some really good ones of him! haha)

We headed home late Thursday night, got in and pretty much went straight to bed.

Friday was supposed to be Zoo day, but the city I’m from is VERY Catholic, so just about everyone and their cousin had the day off. We heard on the news later that some people waited in their cars for 2 hours to get .5 miles from the highway to the zoo. So, that got pushed to Saturday.

Instead, we went to this cool place right in the middle of downtown.

My dad had told us about it, and we never had the chance to go, so I figured there was no way I was wasting the beautiful weather. I grabbed the camera and took a billion pictures.

Easter Rabbit

White Easter rabbit in the city

Florists randomly put flowers around the city, and come pick them back up 3 days later. This one had made flowers look like Easter eggs and put them all over the park.

These were so neat to see. They were hidden in the trees and all over. Such a neat idea and a cool way to add color!

Kids playing in the fountains.

Fiance's footprints after playing in the water. He decided if the kids got to, he should too! haha

The World is Mine

Creepy head/statue with a water fountain streaming down. A little strange.

This is the Urban Rabbit. We were able to get really close to him. I then decided that I probably shouldn't try to pet him. Too bad.

Just some pretty flowers

Baseball season, how I missed you. I will be attending my first game this season in May. Beer, Sun, and Baseball. What could be better?

Baseball season started for my team today. The next six months will be wonderful. I don’t follow football or basketball, but baseball is another story.

Thinking of taking some wedding pictures here. Kind of a staple of weddings in this city. And, the wedding will be held only about 4 blocks away. What do you think?

So, all of this was on Friday. Yeah, it was a busy day. But, I haven’t been home in about a month and a half and I have truly missed it. Again…I currently live in a VERY small town, so I LOVE getting to go home. After law school, fiance and I are moving here. Three years is a long ways a way….

So Saturday, we finally went to the zoo.

You may think, this girl is 23 years old. Why is she so obsessed with the zoo???

I LOVE the zoo at home. It’s amazing (in my opinion). It’s free and I have always loved animals. Well, fiance and I have been going there in pretty days since we started dating four years ago. Our favorite area is the new penguin exhibit. You are close enough that you could touch them. You aren’t supposed to, but there is nothing between you and them when they are swimming by the glass.

Penguins at the zoo

Long story short, this is where the fiance proposed to me on December 26, 2008. It was a cold, but very pretty day. Not many people around and it was perfect. I wanted it to be special to us, not what everyone else would do. I loved it. Still do. And I now have a couple various penguin things as gifts from family and friends. At this zoo, you can pay and go behind the scenes and pet and feed some penguins, so we are planning in doing that this year in December. Yep. We’re a little dorky sometimes.

Orangutans must have had a rough night....

So, spent most of the weekend in the outdoors doing what we love. We were planning on a picnic in the park and get everything from Whole Foods, but it had rained and just didn’t work out. I was a little bummed.

But then it was birthday celebration time. My older brother and I are 7 years and two days apart, so the family always does joint celebrations. Also, my dad’s side likes to drink, so it’s usually pretty fun.

This year we went to a dueling piano bar. It was a BLAST!! If you haven’t been, find a nearby city that has one and go. You won’t be disappointed.

So ready to move out of a dry county and into a place like this....Happy Birthday to me!

The entertainment. They were very good!

Spent all day Sunday at my Mom’s and enjoyed a yummy Easter dinner. The weekend ended too soon and we had to come back. Oh well. Only a couple more months till we move to the city where law school will be, and it’s way better than the current town! haha

Well, this post is super long, so I’ll save the stories for later. Hope you enjoyed.

Now on to studying for my licensing test. Wish me luck!

New Teacher. New Wife.


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